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Hi, I’m Zsófia – VISUAL SIMPLIFIER based in Vienna, Austria. I help you with sketchnotes, explainer videos, and illustrations to simplify complex ideas.

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Live Graphic Recording

Give more value to your audience with visuals! Graphic recording (also known as visual recording, sketchnoting, or scribing) is a way to visually document your meetings, seminars, or conferences live and to visually summarize content. This type of documentation is a great way to make your content more visible and comprehensible for everyone and also serves as a great advertisement for future events or new products.

Explainer Video

Give more value to your audience with visuals! Explainer videos are normally 30-90 second long videos that explain what your company does and what differentiates you from the competition. This type of advertisement is a great way to make your content more comprehensible for everyone and to capture your audience’s attention.

Book Design

Due to my passion for books, I am a self-taught book designer. So far, I mainly designed recipe books, journals and self-development books. Here is what I offer:

♥ Book interior design  ♥ Book cover design  ♥ Book illustration


Give more value to your audience with visuals! A picture is worth a thousand words. Use illustrations to get your message across. Use illustrations to boost your Power Point presentation, print it on give aways at a conference, or on infographics at a fair to communicate a new process or product. Illustrations can improve people’s experience with your brand and make it more memorable.


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