Instead of starting the day by catching up on the news, I listen to a podcast and start sketchnoting the content on my iPad at the same time. This way, I retain more information due to the benefits of visual notetaking, start the day productively and practice my visual skills all at once.

Today I wanted to share the digital graphic recording that I created on the topic of uncertainty. Natalie Bacon, life and business coach, did a wonderful episode on this in her Design Your Dream Life podcast. Head over to her page and listen to the full episode.

I don’t want to get into too many details here but my main takeaway was that uncertainty is optional, therefore we always get to decide how we think and feel about uncertainty. What this means is that uncertainty is only a problem if we decide to make it a problem. You don’t have to be anxious about uncertainty if you work on your mindset and decide not to let it mean something for you

Since I’m also a big fan of stoicism, I loved that Natalie also talked about the fact that the only thing that’s certain in life is death. The stoics had a saying for this “Memento Mori.” which translates to “Remember you must die.” She also continued to say that we think we know when things are certain, but it’s only an illusion. It’s just a strong belief in the future of what might happen. But in reality, what we think might happen is not guaranteed. I hope this makes sense and my sketchnote will be a great reminder for you that we always get to decide how we think and feel about any situation.

My Visual Podcast Summary

You can download the printable PDF version of my sketchnote by clicking on the button below. Please stay safe and look after each other!

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